Cotton Balls In Cardboard Boxes are Somehow Hypnotic

Artist Zimoun employed 138 cotton balls attached to dc-motors inside cardboard boxes for this new installation. I watched this and literally went, "Well that's not... ok but.. wait what? I don't even..." And now my head hurts. [design milk]


It's funny how the internet has jaded us to the point that we are so desensitized to novelty we have knee-jerk dismissive reactions to things like this. This weird thing on the internet is *so* not worthy of my attention, give me more 'funny' cat pictures and cut this nonsense out! It was totally not even worth creating!

Some folks hold down 'normal' jobs and post comments on blogs. Some folks attach a bunch cotton balls (and a variety of other things) to dc motors and fill art galleries with them.

It's not saving the world, but it'd be cool to see one of these installations in person.