Could This Really Be the Apple Tablet OS?

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Some don't believe the first video of this Apple Tablet OS UI vid is real but here's a clearer and with strange hardware. All I know is that this is a cool concept.

Note the strange desktop like environment running iPhone apps floating in independent windows, the safari window that fades in, the neat little iPhone UI elements in each window. Someone on the Macrumors forums claims this is the dev kit. Hate to say it but this is starting to smell good enough to be fresh from an oven in Cupertino. Or at least I want it to be. Some of the things going against this video being anything but a hope are the things people commented on in the earlier, less clear video: a) in the demo of notepad, the iPhone keyboard pops up in only that app's window instead of across the entire screen, taking advantage of none of the existing real estate, and that the entire experience, some said, could have theoretically been recreated by b) using multiple iPhone emulators from the SDK and c) creating dock icons from the iPhone's. That makes sense to me.


Some also believe that this HAS to be fake simply because there is only one way to do a tablet: one app per screen. But the idea that the Tablet is going to be a one app per screen device is not only guess work, but illogical. Why build a bigger screened device only to have it do the exact same thing as a smaller device? You could enrich each app to make use of the extra space , but isn't it easier to allow the Tablet to run multiple instances of mobile apps instead of redesigning gazillions of them for a higher res platform? Otherwise, you're basically talking about a zack morris sized version of the iPhone.

And also, look at how the browser window and the map on the right hand of the desktop are bigger than iPhone sized. Can the emulator do that? I guess someone could have mocked this all up with a bunch of Air apps, though. People can mock up just about anything.


In the end, I am less than even 50% certain here that this is real, but I'm sure as hell not going to dismiss it out of hand. Yet. [Thanks Giz reader MacDaddy901]