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Cramming Into A Tiny House May Not Be So Bad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Between crippling recessions and human environmental impact things have gotten complicated, and frankly kind of negative. That may be why the small house movement is so appealing. Downsizing everything means less stuff to buy and maintain. Minimize harm and maximize good vibes.


The Tiny Life blog made this infographic to show the advantages of going small at home. For example, more than two thirds of tiny house owners are mortgage-free compared with less than one third of regular homebuyers. Tiny house dwellers are also more likely to have a masters degree and less credit card debt. This probably has to do with which sectors of society have been first to embrace the movement, perhaps for ideological reasons more than financial necessity. But everyone should be able to get on board with houses that cost 10 times less on average to build. Just make sure everyone actually fits in the house. [Daily Infographic via Tiny Life]