Crazy Guy Remasters 320x240 Doom Screenshot Into Stunning 9600x7211-Pixel Photoshop

This. Is. MADNESS. Watch Deviant Art user Elemental79 converting a 320 x 240 pixel screenshot from Doom—the legendary 1993 game that made first person shooters popular—into a stunning 9,600 x 7,211 image complete with textures, lighting and 3D effects using Photoshop. It's absolutely nuts.

According to the author, "each frame represents ten seconds of work. The image spans across 7 PSD files at a resolution of 9600x7211 pixels. The project took 35 hours to complete over the course of 8 days."


Now I want to play the entire game rendered like this. John Carmack, make it so! [Deviant Art]


Bonus: CONTRA!


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