Crazy Person Sticks Her Arm Inside a Box Filled with Mosquitoes to Get Bit More Than 30 Times

Sticking your arm inside a box of mosquitoes to get bit is very probably the most fearless thing a person on this planet can do. It’s also very probably the dumbest thing in the world to do because you’ll end up with over 30 itchy mosquito bites that’ll make you want to rip the skin off your arm.

Maddie Moate from BBC Earth Unplugged braved the mosquito box to learn more about how these tiny bloodsuckers feed off us. They can spend up to 2-3 minutes sipping on blood, which means by the end of this totally gross experiment they’re fat as hell (they end up growing 2-3 times their own body weight). What’s worse is that they actually poop a bit on your skin so that they have more room for blood. Bastards.

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This picture was taken by a Nat Geo photographer named Joel Sartore, it was taken in Alaska in the middle of summer. No box needed.