Crazy Popular Asian Blogstar Prefers Fake Chinese iPhone to the Real Thing

This is either the best or worst iPhone review ever. Wendy Cheng is apparently the most popular blogger in Singapore. Before giving her the real iPhone, her producers tricked her into reviewing a Chinese knockoff. But she actually liked the fake, saying it's "not bad for a shitass China phone." The real iPhone? Only "mediocre," and "I really don't like the's fucking shitty." Oh, that's just the tip of this iceberg of awesome. [ClickNetwork.TV via Fake Steve]




Seriously, that video isn't half as bad as you guys are making it out to be. She has a legitimate point about nails being an issue. My guess is that most Apple Developers are either men or women with pony tails, zip-up fleece jackets, and conservative nails (j/k). But seriously, she didn't like the chins phone at all. She said that the iphone was meiocure, which is kinda true stat wise. Point is, she wasn't taking the phone or her review that seriously.

...and there wasn't anything wrong with her voice at all. She had an accent, ...cause she's bilingual. But it's wasn't shrill or high pitched at all.