Crazy Wheelchair Kamikaze Plunges Into Elevator Shaft

Woman gets into elevator. Closes door. Guy slams his motorized wheelchair against the door. Guy gets mad, keeps ramming door. Door breaks. Guy falls down elevator shaft. I know this is what happens here. I just can't understand it.


The scary thing is that this is not the first time something like this has happened, except that the other cases don't involve an apparently deranged—and now dead—Korean guy. In 2009, another man in a wheelchair fell down an elevator shaft in Detroit. Sadly, he died. And in 2007, a guy in Ohio was injured after he fell down another shaft. After the accident, he declared that the elevator car was waiting in front of him, in the darkness.

Perhaps the Korean guy's wheelchair controls went nuts, but it looks like he is the one who went crazy. [Naver via Buzzfeed]


This actually didn't seem funny to me at all -__-

The guy died because he probably got frustrated at having a disability and missing stuff that other people without disabilities can catch easily. In example...the elevator.

What seems worse to me is that people can scream at Gizmodo about journalistic integrity and then call a death "awesome", promote memes, or just lol about it. Kind of sick.