Create an Ultra-Secure, Easy-to-Remember Passphrase Using Dice

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So you replaced the letter "e" with "3" and capitalized a random letter, and now you think your password is secure? Nope. Hackers (and the NSA) know those tricks, too. That's why you should use this crazy dice technique to create a practically unbreakable passphrase.


A passphrase is inherently more secure than a password. Since it's often a series of words, it ostensibly offers more entropy, but since many people lift language from literature, computers can easily guess the phrase. Micah Lee just published a better path to security at the Intercept, one that uses dead simple dice-rolling to generate truly random passphrases.

The method takes advantage of the Diceware technique. You just roll a set of regular old six-side dice to generate a numerical phrase that you can then translate into a random word from the Diceware word list. The more words you generate for your passphrase, the more secure it becomes. And since it's completely random, the passphrase becomes close to impossible for anybody or computer to guess.

Click over to The Intercept to read Lee's full report, including some key tips on how to remember the seven-word passphrase. (It's easier than you might think.) In the meantime, stop fooling yourself with feigned password security. Super computers are smarter than you think.

[The Intercept]

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I've asked this question a couple of times without a response. Every one has a favorite movie quote they can recite from memory. Couldn't that be used for passwords? Couldn't "You don't frighten us English pig dogs" become YdfuepD. Use the entire quote and you have a 26 character password. Capitalize first and last letters with your own long number you can remember and you can make passwords 40+ characters long if you want. Is this a good idea or not?