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There were rumors all over the Web last week pointing to a widescreen Zen and a 60GB Zen Vision Micro, but now Creative has indeed confirmed the existence of the two portable media players at an event in Singapore. The Zen Vision W sports a 4.3-inch widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) display, plays most of the popular audio/video formats and comes in a 30GB and 60GB variety. Expect to pay $399 for the 30GB version and $499 for the 60GB when they hit stores in late September.


Also officially unveiled was the 60GB version of the Zen Vision:M. The biggest addition here, besides the additional storage space, is its USB Host capability: by connecting a digital camera directly to the player, users can directly upload their digital photos to it. Progress! It'll be in stores by the end of September for around $380.

Creative Zen Vision W and 60GB ZVM Now Official! []

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