A shiny picture of the Creative Zen Vision W found its way into the latest issue of Popular Mechanics, marking yet another time that a Create portable media player had its premature unveiling in the print press (we're looking at you, Maxim). The "W" stands for widescreen, and the 4.3-inch display is a nice upgrade from the 3.7-inch from the current Zen Vision. Popular Mechanics went so far as to say that it "has the best screen we've seen on a portable media player." This dream PMP will come in two sizes, a 30GB and a 60GB version.

What does the Zen Vision W actually play? Again, according to Popular Mechanics, "every format we've thrown at it," which apparently includes several incarnations of Divx and MPEG.


Creative still hasn't officially announced prices nor a release date, but the magazine blurb points to a $399 price tag for the 30GB and a $499 price tag for the 40GB.

Creative Zen Vision W Revealed! [epiZENter.net]

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