Creative Releases Three Headphones

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Three headsets for three different uses from Creative today. First, the Fatal1ty professional headset. Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, who in our opinion looks a whole lot like our Joel, lent his name to Creative for their high end gaming model. The cans come with in-line volume control so you can adjust the volume or mute the mic for private conversations, and the boom mic is adjustable to a position where there's adequate distance from your mouth pick up your voice clearly without distortion.

The other two headsets and pricing after the jump.

The second of the three the SL3100 wraparound wireless headphones. Using Bluetooth to connect, you can move around within 10 meters of the transmitter and still be able to listen to audio, albeit with some distortion at higher distances. When you move out of range or somehow get disconnected, the headset powers itself off to save battery. There's also a bundled cable so you can use these in wired mode. Useful with your portable audio or at your desktop.


The last is the Aurvana In-Ear Headphones. These come with three different earbuds, a cleaning tool and a travel case. We've used in-hear headphones before, and while some were great, some made us want to throw our firstborn out the window—not exactly for everyone. Until you try these yourself, it's hit or miss with earbuds.

The Joel Johnson Fatal1ty and SL3100 headphones are $129 each, and the Aurvana headphones are $99. Quite a lot for earbuds, when their big brothers are only $30 more.


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