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Creative Wi-Fi inPerson Video Phone Looks Promising

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's little to no official detail available on this Creative Wi-Fi Video phone, called the inPerson, but the FCC has both pictures and the manual available for just anyone to peep through. The specs look beefy: VGA video at 2Mbps, "excellent low light performance," a wide-angle lens, dual microphones, Wi-Fi, rechargeable battery, h.264 video, SIP support, TV-out and remote control.

It's also got a 7-inch LCD, but from what we can gather it only works with inPerson or other SIP devices. Not a whole lot of people are on either one (most use Skype or AIM/MSN video), so it's not like this has a huge userbase to boost off of. Nevertheless, it does seem like a pretty interesting choice for Creative to take, and your parents should have less trouble with this than trying to get a laptop to work.