Creative Zen Neeon 2 Reviewed (Verdict: Deecent)

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Compared to the iPod Nano, the Creative Zen Neeon 2 is a bit cheaper and a bit fatter, but carries a larger screen and uses their old scrollwheel design. From personal experience, I can say Creative's scrollwheels suck elephant titties compared to the iPod clickwheel or any other control device. Some people apparently enjoy it, which doesn't tell us much since some people enjoy getting a stiletto heel to the balls as well.

The Neeon 2's other features like FM radio, RGB565 video support, 128kbps recording, and average to slow transfer speeds make this a passable player at best. Even its 23 hour and 40 minute battery life doesn't manage to pull this one out of the "meh, what else is new" category.


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