Creative Zii Egg Android PMP Makes Its Hands-On Debut

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Creative's Zii, which is either an extremely exciting platform for Android PMPs or a boring developers' tool (nobody knows!) has turned up in CNET Asia's offices. As you can imagine, it didn't take long before they got a little handsy.


Like Creative's introduction video before it, CNET's hands-on is more about seeing the hardware than showing off new features—this is the same Android we've been using since last year, after all. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on inside the Egg—720p video playback support by means of on in-house chip, promises of long battery life, the expandable storage potential—but most of this isn't apparent in a short demo like this.


What we're left with is an attractive piece of hardware that is just begging to live out its destiny as the first mainstream Android PMP, but which Creative can't seem to make up its mind about, at least publicly. The Zii really looks like a consumer products, from its styling to its specs, and I'd love or Creative to take it to market, or to sell the design to someone else to do the same. But even though it seems obvious that such a product would represent the first real competitor to the iPod Touch, their line, still, is that this is for developers, and that the "platform" could be available to manufacturers, though apparently, not this specific piece of hardware. Whether they're just tied up in their own words or this is really their plan, there's a market gap that needs filling, and the Zii looks like it could fill it. Click through for video. [CNET Asia]

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Scantron Crothers

That PMP is showing full-bars cellular reception, and an Edge network indicator; what gives?