Creature Rebooter Turns To Simple Machines For Next Project

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The next project for Troy Nixey, director of gremlin creature feature Don't Be Afraid of The Dark, is a science fiction feature, Simple Machines. In a change from the plague of remakes, it's an original tale of a reclusive inventor.

According to the trades, the original work is about:

a reclusive young inventor who must save his beloved creation from an evil industrialist before he uses it to corrupt the world.


Producer Nick Nunziata talked to CHUD (which he has a very close working relationship with) about their vision for the film:

This has been coming together for quite a few years, dozens of drafts, amazing conceptual artwork and pre-viz efforts and it is a visionary and deeply affecting story Troy has imagined... His work on Don't Be Afraid of the Dark has already turned heads, and Simple Machines is something he's been filming in his head for quite some time and I have no doubt that audiences will soon be adding his name to the list of filmmakers whose work is absolutely unmissable.


But what are these machines Troy and why are they so simple? Looks like we'll have to wait to find out more, as Troy is currently filming Don't with Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes in Australia.