Credit Card-Sized PC

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Computers are getting even smaller, and this CM-X270 from Compulab of Israel is the size of a credit card. It's a real PC, with four USB ports, a PCI bus, 128MB of RAM, a 512MB flash memory card, AC '97 audio, all running on an Intel XScale processor. Plus, it hooks up to the rest of the network with WiFi. Intended to be embedded inside various products we'll be seeing fairly soon, if you buy 10,000 of them, they'll run you $47 apiece.


Product Page [Compulab, via OhGizmo]



Remember when every gadget was "Credit Card Sized"? Now, when the size requirement for a modern gizmo is that it fit into a manilla envelope, the Digital Voice Recorder goes old-school, although at 6.5mm (0.26") thick, it's more like a stack of 12 credit cards.