Critical Role's DM Will Spin a Yarn for Bardsung Dungeon Crawler

From left: Concept art for Bardsung, and a photo of Matthew Mercer.
From left: Concept art for Bardsung, and a photo of Matthew Mercer.
Image: Steamforged Games

If you’re heading into a new dungeon, it’s good to have a familiar face by your side. Steamforged Games has added Critical Role voice actor and dungeon master Matthew Mercer to its list of guest writers for Bardsung, crafting one of several adventures for the new roleplaying game.


io9 can exclusively reveal that Mercer is the latest guest writer for Bardsung, a dungeon crawler roleplaying game where one to five players work together to explore a dungeon’s fiery depths and go on adventures worth writing songs about. The game, featuring lead writer and narrative designer Rhianna Pratchett, was funded on Kickstarter back in November. The Guest Adventure Book, which includes standalone adventures from several folks in the tabletop industry, is one of the rewards for supporters of the upcoming release.

“I must admit I’m really stoked that Matthew is involved. It has genuinely made our Christmas,” Steamforged Games creative lead Mat Hard said in a press release. “We have been massive fans of Matt’s since Critical Role began and it’s great to be working with him again on what’s shaping up to be a flagship game for us. We look forward to seeing what his adventure brings.”

Mercer joins previously announced guest writers like Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone, writer and advocate Sara Thompson (who previously worked with Steamforged designers to craft combat wheelchair tabletop miniatures), Luke Gygax, Jonathan Green, Jason Charles Miller, Ginny Di, and others. Standalone adventures will include introductory storylines, narrative beats and objectives, maps, and a variety of potential endings.

Bardsung is set to come out in May 2022. The Kickstarter has ended, but folks can pre-order the game and get more information on Steamforged’s website.


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Ben von Sück

I hope the quality of the miniatures has gone up since the Critical Role plastics. They’re pretty muddy quality for the price. Not a lot of crisp detail. Maybe switch to resin?

Of course, any of the minis in the pictures looks a lot better than the final product.