Crowdfund Comic Short Fiction, Lovecraftian Tales For Kids, and More!

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Experimental comic storytelling and adapting Lovecraft's nightmares for young kids lead the charge in our look at all things crowdfunding this week, but that's not all - there's amazing VR game to experience the Moon landing in first person, badass fantasy figures, and more!

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Littlest Lovecraft: The Shadow Over Innsmouth


The team that brought you the cutesy re-imaginings of The Call of Cthulhu and The Dunwich Horror is back on Kickstarter, to adapt Lovecraft's classic tale of freaky fish people for younger audiences:

Hey everyone! We're back again with our new Littlest Lovecraft book - this time it's an adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth (one of our all-time favorite Lovecraft stories!). As always, it will be a full color, fully illustrated book, written in verse, right around 64 pages long. We're starting off aiming for softcover, perfect bound printed books, but our first stretch goal is to upgrade to the matte hardcover we're so fond of!

A $25 pledge gets you the book itself as well as a thank you note and a print of a piece of interior art from the book. The $45 and $65 pledges let you bundle in either multiple copies of the new book or add the older books to your collection.

The Apollo 11 VR Experience


Got your hands on an Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2? Then this awesome VR game that lets you experience the Apollo moon landing mission as if you were right there, and even conduct tests on the lunar surface:

Landing on the moon was one of the greatest achievements mankind has ever embarked on and now it's time for you to step into Neil Armstrong's shoes and experience what it was like to live through this historic event.

Using NASA archive footage and audio we have created an inspirational journey that we hope will engage students and give them a better understanding of what took place way back in 1969. We don't just want kids to read about history we want them to experience history as a living entity that they can relate to.

To help us achieve our goal we need your help. Our prototype demo is just a proof of concept at the moment and just a small taste of what we have planned. Your money will help us recreate the full mission with more detailed models, animated avatars and interactive gameplay. We want to make the Apollo Experience everything it can be and we want you to climb on board to help us achieve this goal.


A 15 Euro pledge gets you the complete game as well as early beta access - once again, you need an Oculus Rift DK2 to play it! - ahead of the game's July release.

Mythic Legions Action Figures


Super articulated, insanely detailed, 6" scaled traditional fantasy figures? Umm, yes please.

Mythic Legions is a breathtaking new fantasy world of action figures created by the award winning Four Horsemen Studios. The action figure line consists of an endless variety of characters ranging from heroic knights and dwarves to evil orcs and skeleton soldiers. Interchangeable parts and accessories give fans the chance to create and build their very own custom characters. These exquisitely detailed and highly articulated figures also offer collectors the opportunity to build the legions of warriors that they have always dreamed of. Mythic Legions finally brings limitless possibilities to the world of premium quality fantasy action figures.

Our team has spent almost two years and hundreds of hours of meticulously sculpting, fabricating, and painting to create the spectacular prototypes for this line. This project is a passion project for all of us here at Four Horsemen Studios.


The first tier at which you can get a figure - a standard 'army builder' one like a knight or skeleton warrior - is $30, with fancier named characters going for $45 and higher, all the way up to $68 for the most intricate figures. Want all 16 available ones? You'll have to pledge a hefty $515.

Boss Fight! Posters


Sometimes your average video game poster just won't cut it - these classy designs by Nick Derington reimagine some all time classic boss fight scenarios as fancy posters fit for framing:

This project consists of three illustrations that recreate the nervous excitement that meant reaching a game's hard earned final moments. A testament to the hours spent building skills, solving puzzles and defeating all the minions that stood in your way towards the game's final confrontation.

The Boss Fight!

A tense and beloved moment shared by everyone who had the determination to see a game to it's triumphant, visceral end. Boss Fights were a big deal. So much larger than what a dozen flickering pixels could ever represent, this art project hopes to interpret and capture that fleeting feeling and make it physical.


A $40 pledge gets you one of the three posters of your choice, while $100 gets you the full set.

321 Fast Comics


This collection of short stories told through comic books has an interesting framework to it - each one is only 3 pages long, features 2 characters, and 1 twist ending:

321: Fast Comics is a comic book anthology that presents a storytelling challenge where artists and writers must come up with short comic stories that always have:

3 Pages

2 Characters

1 Twist Ending

As long as the above rules are respected, anything goes: any genre, any characters, any situation. The challenge is always to surprise readers at the turn of three pages. And that's exactly what we have done with this book, we have put together twenty one (21) short stories featuring different genres from fantasy to steampunk, from western to sci-fi, from daily life to the biggest adventures!


A $5 pledge gets you the anthology digitally, while $30 nets you a signed physical edition as well as a digital download.

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