CrunchPad Web Tablet Landing "As Soon As Possible" for Less Than $300

Illustration for article titled CrunchPad Web Tablet Landing "As Soon As Possible" for Less Than $300

Mike Arrington's CrunchPad web tablet, already several prototypes in, is quickly bubbling to reality reports Bits: There's going to be an announcement in July or August, and it'll be available "as soon as possible."


Arrington's incorporated a separate company, called CrunchPad, and has apparently spent two-thirds of the last six months working on it with his 15-man team from Fusion Garage.

It's been iterated a bunch before, but worth saying again, that the Atom-powered touchscreen CrunchPad is strictly for internet consumption—it boots directly into the WebKit browser and there's no hard drive or keyboard, though you can plug in a keyboard if you want. It does support for Flash, so Arrington's claim that compared to netbooks, "most people will find it works as good as a netbook or better" for getting their internet on sounds pretty reasonable, given its 12-inch screen. Pointedly, it's not meant to compete with Apple's mythical tablet, whenever it graces the world.

I'd take the under $300 CrunchPad over a netbook any day, since it seems like it'll surpass them at the one thing they were supposedly designed to do—eat the internet. And it still blows my mind it took a tech blogger to actually make it happen. [Bits]


Jonathan Moll

So no keyboard? If I want to just browse the internet, my iPhone does that very well. Flash doesn't make up for the awkward typing that will take place on this thing, and seeing as how it's just webkit and has no OS to upload/save pictures or do anything other than look at websites, this is really hard for me to understand. A netbook or good browsing phone seems better than this.