CrunchPad Prototype Caught Taking Off Box And Baring All

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This is a rumored "extremely recent" look at a CrunchPad prototype. What do we learn? First, the demo man says the tablet will be out by this year, "for sure." The other is that the video guy is a klepto.

The sharp, colorful packaging isn't quite what people will see on launch day, but it's close. Enter the demo guy again, who says it's "almost launch day packaging." Presumably this means Michael Arrington still has to bless each unit or anoint them with oils before they're shipped out the door.

And lastly, while it is billed as such, this video is not a true unboxing, as the CrunchPad in this video is covered from head to toe in filthy fingerprints. This one's been sleeping around already. Harlot. [YouTube via CrunchPad Fans - Thanks, Trooper]