Crutch Chair Design Transforms for Impromptu Sitting

Illustration for article titled Crutch Chair Design Transforms for Impromptu Sitting

Ever broken a leg? Know how much hassle it is to stumble around in crutches? Designer Yong-Rok Kim's Crutch Chair is intended to be a partial solution to the problem of knackering yourself out when walking like this. The two halves of his design snap together to form a neat seat-like thing so you can take the weight off your injury. Seems a darn sensible idea. With just one concern: that connection. Will you break your other leg when it gives way as you sit? Death by crutch it shall be! It's just a concept— we imagine it'd be boring gray or "medical pink" if it were ever made real. [Yanko design]




cutches need to be adjusted correctly so that the user is upright while standing (not hunched over). this may mean that the part held by the hands is not at the right level for the ass to sit on (without constant adjustment of the extension pieces in the legs of the device).

ok - last completely serious and non sexually tinged post for me, this month