Custom Vodka

Black Truffle? Celery? Peppercorn? Modern Spirits is adding all sorts of crap to their vodkas in an effort to give demanding consumers a customized tipple at an equally impressive price. At $150, you'd better be thinking long and hard which flavors you want in this booze. Here's the process:

We start with extensive client profiles to map out their emotional connections to flavors, cuisines and ingredients, as well as how they entertain and socialize...Once we narrow it down, we send the client three variations of the theme and go from there.


I, personally, would love a vodka that tastes like Boones, Lipslicks, and Marlboro Lights, just to remind me of those heady, confused days alone in my room trying on my sister's make-up.

Product Page[Modern Spirits via CoolHunting]

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