Customized Mii Sculptures Now Available For $79

Illustration for article titled Customized Mii Sculptures Now Available For $79

Those Mii Sculptures we told you about last year are finally available for purchase. All you have to do is hand over $79 and a copy of your Mii and the guy will hand-craft it just for you. Some of his other creations, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen and Bill Gates—actually do look a lot like the actual person. We're not sure why the creator decided to make these three the sample images for his site, but we're sure one of them certain won't appreciate being mixed in there with two pedophiles. [Mii Sculpture via Geekologie]




So, is that the Woody Allen Mii, or the Bill Gates? I think a Ballmer Mii is impossible, unless you can make him with an eternal razz, or at least some sweat spots.