Australian synth-pop dance machine Cut Copy just dropped a new music video for its song "Explorers" which is made with 3D-printed figures that play the faceless, adorable leading roles. It's really charming, but better still, the band and production company are making it easy for you to remix the video to your hearts content. It's not just a fun video concept, it's a killer song, too.

The video required roughly 200 figurines that were printed out of UV reactive filament. The whole thing was shot at night under black light flashlights, which gives the video its fantastical UFO glow.


To add a little fun, though, Cut Copy is making all the 3D printing files from the video available for download as a BitTorrent bundle (The BitTorrent site is currently down for us), along with a guide on how to make the film again so that people can remix the video for themselves. The band has created a YouTube page where it will presumably post videos by people who complete the project. Seems like a lot of work, so it'll be a nice test of just how broadly 3D printing has caught on, and if it's really as easy as the technology's proponents would have us believe. [BitTorrent, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify]