Cute Baby Sloth Photobombs a Group Picture

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As desirable a lifestyle as sloths live, they're hardly ever cute. This baby sloth however, is the cutest darn thing on the Internet. A group of students were taking a picture in Costa Rica when an upside down sloth crept into the shot and stayed there, giving the picture a hilarious photobomb. [NY Daily News]



Some questions... Firstly, as we know, sloths move really fast and can jump into a shot right before you take it, right? Totally must have happened here cause if they moved slowly you probably would have noticed it before snapping the picture, right? Also, was the sloth wearing those leaves behind him as a sort of headgear when he jumped into this picture? If not then that person was really good at taking pictures as those leaves would still be in the shot without the sloth, no?

Something fishy here...