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Cute Mini Guns As Small As Matches Can Actually Shoot Bullets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These guns are all hand-made replicas of real guns...only they're shrunken and miniaturized 4 to 4.5 times the regular size. Alexander Perfiliev, the master minigunmaker, has been building these beautiful guns for 30 years.

Perfiliev spends an insane amount of time perfecting every detail of the gun. There's a Mauser, an AK, Smith & Wessons, pistols, revolvers, everything, really. He's made 50 different models over the past 30 years with each model taking anywhere from half a year to a year.


What's even more amazing is he claims that the guns can actually be fired...if only there were miniature bullets to go along with it. Perfiliev didn't have access to all of the guns' mechanics so he gathered what he did have and had to invent the other mechanics by himself. The re-creation of machinery at this size is just amazing, though I wonder what it feels to get shot by one of these cute little eenie weenie things. [English Russia]