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Cyberella Delivers Virtual Reality Sexual Healing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mara dies in a fire while inside a virtual reality program she wrote called "Dreamworlds." After her death, she discovers that God is a hot computer program who wants Mara to heal the world — with VR sex. Thus begins Cyberella: Forbidden Passions, the weirdest scifi story ever used as an excuse for some R-rated sexy action [clip is work-safe].

Mara goes on "missions" where she meets lonely dorks in VR, teaches them about sex, and sends them back to the so-called real world. Each episode is punctuated by therapeutic interludes with God, who processes with Mara about the sexual issues raised by her escapades. In this clip, Mara (inexplicably dressed in awful PVC) has to teach a hacker how to make love to the girl he's had a crush on for years. The best part of this movie is catching all the hammy mid-1990s references to computers ("Holy megabyte!" one character exclaims) mixed in with soft-core sex. Plus, what could be more of a turn-on than watching Mara talk about her abandonment issues after having a hot threeway with a geek and a simulation of the girl he loves?