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Cycling PSA Gets the Point Across With a Little Lego Ultraviolence

As a cyclist, I can appreciate the message being put forth in this Biking Rules PSA. As a Lego lover, I can't help but smile at the cuteness inherent in the violent auto accident portrayed at the end.


Talk about mixed signals. But seriously, don't run red lights. As the video says, we humans don't pop back together as easily as Lego minifigs—although that sure would be convenient.

Next up: A Lego PSA for cyclists about how riding through the streets like an entitled asshole will probably get you maimed, killed or at the very least doored by a disgruntled driver. [YouTube via Brothers Brick]

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I would prefer a PSA detailing how the UK and USA should follow the lead of countries such as Denmark, Germany, Neterlands, etc. and tailor their transportation systems to benefit non-car owners. A biker friendly infrastructure would help relieve congestion, pollution, and obesity. And by biker friendly I mean get ride of the bike lane and give bikers their own protected streets and paths that they don't have to share with motor vehicles and pedestrians.