D.J. Caruso on Y: The Last Man — "You can't handle Yorick's story in one movie."

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We recently had the chance to talk with Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso about what happened with his film adaptation of Y: The Last Man. According to Caruso, the project stalled because he saw Y as a trilogy.

Nowadays we're seeing Louis Leterrier push for a Y TV series, but readers will remember that D.J. Caruso had previously been attached to the project. I asked Caruso where his involvement with Y stood at this point, and he mentioned that it stalled because of disagreements concerning the film's length:


What exactly happened with Y: The Last Man?

I think New Line and I, we eventually saw things a little bit differently, and it's still a project that I really love if we could ever get the greenlight to make it. I think the main problem with me is that I always believed that this was a trilogy, at least a trilogy, because you can't handle Yorick's story in one movie. The fact that this is an issue is an issue for me [...] I haven't ruled it out. It still burns me because I still think if you treat the story the way it deserves to be treated, the film is a no-brainer [...] My friend Frank Darabont was so passionate and committed about The Walking Dead. What's so gratifying is that HBO and NBC all said, "Forget about it." And now it's doing gangbusters. They only made six episodes! They can't make them fast enough.


In any case, this probably means Shia La Boeuf isn't circling the project either.