D-Link Wireless 3G Router

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D-Link has introduced a wireless router that features the ability to share a 3G Internet connection, simultaneously burning a hole in your pocket and upsetting 3G providers worldwide. For those not in the know, 3G is a method of transferring data to and from cellphones that's all the rage in Japan where users are downloading songs to their cellphones like there's no tomorrow. What D-Link has done is to alter one of their routers so that the 3G connection is propagated via 802.11g once a 3G notebook adapter is inserted into a Cardbus slot on the router. (Whew!) It's certainly a novel idea, but we can't help but wonder why you would want 3G access when Wi-Fi is more than likely swirling all around you nearly every minute of the day. But if you must have the latest pop sensation ring tone, just be thankful that D-Link is looking out for you, even if they don't spill the beans regarding release date or price.

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