Daily Desired: a BIG Ass Body Suit to Beat the Cold

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Worried that Winter is coming? Bah. Some people work in the cold all year long. Like in freezers that would make your nipples so hard they'd snap right off like icicles. But workers are ne'er denippled because there is industrial strength clothing for people who work in the industrial cold.

The Iron-Tuff body suit covers everything but your hands and your feetsies. It's rated to -50 degrees, and unlike very expensive extreme outerwear it costs only $175. It's cheap because it's filled with polyester fiberfill and not some fancy low-density synthetic. That also means it's bulky. This suit is nothing special to look at. Nope. In fact it makes you look sort of like the Michelin Man. But it does the job, and it's good enough for the everyman isn't it? Make the fashion statement that counts: I hear freezing your ass off is so last year. [Refrigiwear via Cool Tools]