Daily Desired: Designer 3-D Glasses Cool Enough for James Dean

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Remember after watching Piranha 3D when you walked off with a set of 3-D glasses, and then wore them in public? You felt silly. These shades are different.

Norwegian design team Ingri:Dahl has a Kickstarter campaign going for a new collection of the slickest 3-D glasses we've ever seen. They don't look anything like movie theater monstrosities. According to the team's Kickstarter page, the glasses not only work in movie theaters all over the world, but also with a wide range of 3D TV brands. And for those of you who wear prescription glasses, Ingri:Dahl offers clip-on versions of the fabulous focals.

After achieving some notoriety for their current collection, the designers set out to raise $10,000 for a Spring 2012 Collection, and it looks like they'll get there—Ingri:Dahl have already raised nearly $9,000. An $18 pledge gets you the 3-D clip-ons and $20 nets you a pair with frames. Once the campaign is funded, the glasses will go for $35 a pair online, so if you're interested, now is the time to buy in. [Kickstarter via Design Milk]

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I don't think I have a large head, but 3d glasses always seem small for some stupid reason. My friend just bought a 3d TV and it's great that it works with regular 3D movie glasses (God knows I keep all of them for $13 a movie). I could be convinced to buy a pair if they actually fit like my aviators so I don't see the edges of the rim.