Daily Desired: Excellent Speakers that Are Already Powered Up

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Some people are so used to powered audio from iPod docks and desktop speakers that that they won't even consider anything else—even if it's for the audio good. Luckily NHT Hi-Fi is plugging the power in.


A lot of people who are serious about audio will use a powered speaker—it's so convenient!—but they still don't really trust it. There's something weirdly reassuring about running lines of speaker wire, having multiple remotes and tons of blinking lights that makes owning an amplifier and other components feel like you're getting better sound. This is very foolish.

Consider the new powered NHT SuperPower: a no bullshit speaker modeled on another—the well-regarded, passive SubZero 2.0. The speaker has a 1" tweeter, a 4" woofer, and a 90-Watt built-in amp. More or less what you need to blast music in a living room.

Warning: there's a little setup involved. You are going to need two of these $199 speakers to get stereo, and a way to split the signal from a headphone jack in half if you're using a computer or iPod—let's face it, you are. Don't worry, there are very cheap ways to do that. The company claims good low-end performance, and it's almost certain to be better than whatever other similarly priced solution you're using even without adding a sub. Ok so it's not exactly as easy as the plug and play nonsense we subject ourselves to for convenience. But if what you want is much better sound for only a slightly bigger pain, this might be the way to go. [NHT]


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