I carry around a lot more stuff than I should. Today's ancillary crap? Five USB cables, an emergency DSLR (no battery), and, um, an iPod Nano that I didn't know I still had. This tool-loaded key chain, however, might be the most useful thing I'll ever own.

The EDC Kit is inspired by the legions of OCD gadeteers who post their collections of preparedness gear on Every Day Carry. The EDC kit has five tools manufactured by mysterious firm that reseller Kauffman Mercantile claims is a military contractor. Adding to its toughness mystique is the fact that all of the tools are made out of industrial-strength steel. While the Philips-head and flathead screwdrivers are the tools most likely to be useful on a day-to-day basis, I'm in love with the design of the mini pry-bar. And in the case of the emergency lighter, I'm looking for lighter just about every day of my life. And at $44, Preparedness never came so cheap. [Kauffman Mercantile]


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