Dalek Hidden Camera is the Worst Way to Spy on Time Lords

Fans of British sci-fi favo(u)rite Doctor Who might be wary of conscripting a Dalek to do security work for them, but if you enjoy a little REC-ORD-ING along with your EXT-ERM-IN-AT-ION, you can now do just that. Wil Harris of ChannelFlip got to play with the Dalek security cam, which was built by a "top secret London security firm" for an "anonymous client."

While the secrecy is most likely related to shame and embarrassment more than danger and intrigue, the "toy" is actually a pretty impressive piece of hardware. The camera can transmit high quality streaming video to a flat panel-equipped base station over 300 feet away, where it is recorded to a hard drive for playback and/or incrimination. Because of the top secret nature of the project the price is a matter of speculation, but Harris estimates a build cost in excess of $1,500, which means that there must be some serious shit going down at Doctor Who conferences. [ChannelFlip]

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point 1) no matter what, this would be the coolest thing you saw in any office. I can imagine one slowly moving in front of 10 Downing Street. Hopefully, they'll be sporting the trademark bear skin hat.

point 2) you guys should have crosslinked this to IO9. the discussion there would be really something. :)