Dancing Faces, Dancing Faces, Electrifying Dancing Faces!

After his debut, Daito Manabe decided it was time to torture four of his friends by connecting them to his Face Visualizer—a player which stimulates facial muscles using electrodes. The resulting video is funny.


The first video was good, but this one is even better, specially their reaction at the end. Clockwise, these four guys are Muryo Honma, Setsuya Kurotaki, Motoi Ishibashi and Seiichi Saito, and they all probably hate—in a good way—their friend Daito for making them look like hyperactive anime characters.

As you can see, the faces are perfectly choreographed thanks to the electrodes stimulating their faces, following the sound beats. [Pink Tentacle]


Why in the hell did I initially read that headline as "Dancing Feces"? I don't even watch South Park all that much...