Thomson, or RCA, or Thomson/RCA or whatever the hell their name is now has dropped a fiesta of digital audio players. These DAPs cover the entire spectrum of available players. Anywhere from the low end EM2600 all the way to the redesigned X3030 portable media player. Get the scoop on all of the players after the jump.

The left-most player is the EM2600. This is a redesigned and renamed version of Thomson's RD2315 player. It is pretty basic, has a 65k color screen, video capabilities and has 512MB or 1GB of storage space. Prices for this player will begin at $100.


The EH306 is the next MP3 player. This has a very unique design. The crazy blue backlighting and black, smooth finish give it a nice look that can even make me look classy. This player comes loaded with a 6GB micro hard drive and can play back MP3, WMA, WMV, JPEG and MPEG-4 although I'm not sure how well the images and video look on the oddly blue, 262k, 1.5-inch color screen. Should be hitting the shelves in March.

The third player is the EM2802. This player will be available in 1GB and 2GB sizes. It can play the standard music tunes in addition to WMV and MPEG-4 video and will be available in November with prices starting at $165.

Lastly, Thomson has renamed the previously released Lyra X3000 to the X3030E—the E stands for Europe! This is a lot of the same stuff just in a new casing. 20GB, 3.6-inch screen, video playback, music playback, video recording, voice recording, etc. It will carry at $400 price tag.

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