DataDot Personal ID Recovery System

Here's a novel idea to protect your belongings. It's called DataDot and it consists of a sand-like dots that are each encoded with a unique serial number belonging only to you. Smear the dots all over your stuff and if they're stolen and recovered, police can access the DataDot database and reunite you with your lost belongings.


All we've got to say is that we tried it out and all of our stuff is still here. Coincidence?


Microdots are still a cool way of identifying assets. For those who dont really understand how the technology works I found more info on microdots at

The other issue here is if someone loses their laptops or cellphone is the potential for identity theft. One of the only companies offering both microdot asset protection with identity theft protection is DotGuard. This id theft protection makes a great deal of sense to me so that if the gear is stolen then some protections kick in.