David Bowie: Heroes

So, Valentine's Day. Personally, I don't give a damn. Every day should be your Valentine's Day or else you aren't truly living. This comes from a guy who has been married three times and truly fell in love at least twice.


But if you must have a song for your Valentine's, you can't go wrong with the best love song ever ever EVER: Heroes.

Composed by David Bowie and Brian Eno in 1977, Heroes is the history of two secret lovers in Berlin. It's based on an intense love affair between Tony Visconti—co-producer of the album—and backing vocalist Antonia Maaß. The history of how lovers can be heroes just for one day, whether they stay together or not. No matter what happens, if their love is true, it will be alive forever and ever, even if they are separated by the Wall of Shame and bullets are flying over their heads.

If you are lucky, you will experience the joy of that feeling at least once in your life. Maybe two. Or who knows, maybe seven, Liz Taylor. It doesn't matter. If you ever get lucky, enjoy that person without fear, embrace her or him for as long as it last. No barriers, no fears, no qualms. If it ends, it's ok. That's life. Just keep it in your memory even if it hurts at first. And never dispair—others will come.

This exhilarating version of Heroes is from his Reality Tour, which went from 2003 to 2004. It was cancelled after Bowie was diagnosed with a circulation problem that required an angioplasty. Sadly, it was also Bowie's last tour.

Also, when I die, please someone play this song as six semi-naked Swedish valkyries put my dead body in a drakkar, set it on fire and push it into the sea. [Spotify]



A song that I guaranty will get you some bonus points with your special someone. Dance to this song with your special someone before you tell them you're going to buy an iPad 3 and I guaranty it'll go more smooth for ya'.