DaysAgo Counts the Days For You

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DaysAgo is a little digital date counter that attaches to anything with its magnetic or suction backing, and tells you how long it's been since, well, whatever. Put it on those leftovers so you'll know how long they've been sitting in the refrigerator, or slap it on a plant pot to let you know when the last time you watered the poor thing. You can even stick one on your armpit so you'll know when was the last time you took a shower. Scratch that last one, your nose knows.

This DaysAgo device is similar to those Timestrips we told you about a while back, but the DaysAgo is reusable and can count up to 99 days, compared to the Timestrip which is single-use and only works for three to five days. Plus, DaysAgo counters are just $5, versus Timestrips which are $10 for 20 disposable single-use strips. DaysAgo might just be a big help for dazed, absent-minded bloggers


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