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DC Universe's Titans Season 2 Footage Promises More Heroes, New Costumes, and a Bat-Dad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The SDCC 2019 Titans poster.
The SDCC 2019 Titans poster.
Image: DC Universe

In the wake of the sudden death of Titans special effects coordinator Warren Appleby, the series’ cast and producers pulled out of its scheduled portion of the DC Universe panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in order to stay with the crew, and attendees were instead presented with a brief glimpse of the show’s upcoming season.

What was most surprising about the first season of DC Universe’s Titans was that, by the finale, the team had only really just begun to take its shape as a group of metahumans with one another’s backs in a fight to save the world.

The show’s plots about Raven’s father Trigon crossing over into the human dimension, Starfire’s past, and Dick Grayson’s battle with anger are far from over. But in the first trailer for the show’s second season, all of those plot lines took the back seat to a number of interesting changes that seem to be in store for the series.


Dick Grayson’s old pals Hawk and Dove are back for round two with the Titans as they embark on their latest mission to take down a new big bad threatening peace and order in the wold: Esai Moralies’ Deathstroke. The avian-themed heroes are joined by Aqualad, Superboy (Joshua Orpin), and Donna Troy sporting a new costume that looks much more like her classic red ensemble. Elsewhere in the costume department, Raven’s wig has also been drastically improved, and she’s now sporting her signature gem placed in the middle of her forehead.


By the end of Titans’ first season, Dick seemed to be right on the verge of leaving his Robin persona behind, suggesting that we would see him finally suit up as Nightwing, but the trailer clearly shows Dick still rocking his Robin duds while being flanked by Donna, Aqualad, Hawk, and Dove, meaning that the new season might feature more glimpses into the past before Dick’s departure from Gotham City.

Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne also makes a brief appearance out of his Batsuit and it’s impossible not to see him as Jorah Mormomnt, which might not end up being a bad thing. Titans’ first season explored the emotional toll Dick’s vigilante exploits with the Dark Knight took on him rather than the adventures themselves, and it’d make sense for the series to focus on Bruce Wayne, the concerned mentor struggling to reconnect with his estranged adoptive son.


What was most interesting about the DC Universe panel, though, was the announcement for Titans season two’s premiere date and the lack of mention whether the series will simultaneously stream on HBO Max the way Doom Patrol’s second season will. If you’ve been hungering for more of the Titans and their exploits the wait won’t be long: Titans returns to DC Universe September 6.

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