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DC's Milestone Heroes Are Teaming Up for a New Animated Movie

Static will be just one of the Dakotaverse heroes starring in DC's new Milestone animated feature.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Static flings a bolt of energy in an illustration from his namesake Milestone comic.
A new Milestone Comics animated feature film is now in the works.
Image: DC Comics

After years of being tied up in comics publishing limbo, the heroes of Milestone Comics finally began making their triumphant return to the world in 2021 as a part of DC Comics’ new initiative to revitalize the Milestone brand, and bring classic characters like Static, Icon, and Rocket into the 21st century for a new audience. At time when DC’s been trying to spotlight a more diverse array of stories featuring marginalized characters, it makes perfect sense that DC would be putting energy into Milestone in comic form, but at this year’s DC Fandome, the publisher made clear that it doesn’t intend to stop with books.

During a panel about Milestone’s future hosted by Arrow’s Echo Kellum, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and producer Reggie Hudlin announced that a new animated feature film is in currently development from Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The new movie, written by Hardware Season One scribe Brandon Thomas, will spotlight multiple heroes from the Dakotaverse, and while Cowan didn’t mention any specifics, he said that the project will be something “that Milestone fans have been dreaming about for a long time.”

News of the new animated feature comes in the wake of Warner Bros. greenlighting a new live-action Static Shock feature produced in partnership with Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society production company, and it’s more than likely that Static will also appear in the new feature. The new Milestone movie will be the first animated project focused on Milestone characters since the Static Shock animated series from 2000, and DC seems keen on trying to create a new wave of hype around its Milestone as a properties as a whole in the near future.


In addition to a new Blood Syndicate series due out some time next year, DC will also partner with Ally bank to launch the Milestone Initiative Development Program, a new talent recruitment project under the Next Generation DC banner. In a public statement, DC senior vice president and general manager Daniel Cherry III described the program as the ideal start for Next Generation DC, and part of DC’s efforts at diversifying its existing talent pool.

“Our current lineup of Milestone titles have released to great critical and sales success, expanding the loyal fanbase, while at the same time inviting new readers to experience the ‘Dakotaverse’ and its heroes,” Cherry said. “For many Black and diverse artists and writers, Milestone is part of their comic book DNA and we are thankful to partner with Ally to help these new voices be heard in addition to adding to Milestone’s legacy.”


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