Next in DC’s Snagglepuss and Flintstones Comics: Political Persecution and Judging Humanity's Worth

Last year, the biggest surprise from DC Comics’ radically re-invented Hanna-Barbera comic book series was The Flintstones title written by Mark Russell. It was filled with prehistoric hipsters, existential dread, and dark philosophical undertones. Russell has even more messed-up stuff in store for Fred, Wilma, and...…



DC Insists Its Cinematic Universe Is Not In a State of Chaos, Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

To date, Warner Brothers has produced exactly one movie based on DC’s comic books that was both a critical and financial success: Wonder Woman. The other three have each been slightly different flavors of “visually inspired, but narratively messy.” Despite all of that, though, DC believes everything’s fine.

Professor Marston and The Wonder Women Offers a Fun but Predictable Origin Story for DC Comics’ Biggest Superheroine

Decades ago, superhero comics were looked down on as trash. During that same time period, romantic relationships between anything other than one man and one woman were regarded as freakish illnesses. A new movie about the life and loves of the man who created Wonder Woman shows how artistic and sexual prejudice…