Deadpool script review says this could be Ryan Reynolds' defining role

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Ryan Reynolds is currently readying for his big tentpole debut as Green Lantern next year. But now that we've read a script review for his other superhero movie, Deadpool, we're more excited about Wade Wilson than Hal Jordan. Spoilers ahead...


Thanks to Josh Tyler over at Cinemablend, we're even more excited for the Deadpool film, and we didn't think that was possible. Check out his glowing recap:

The review states that while the script says it's written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the whole script read like something out of the mind of Quentin Tarantino. This sound pretty plausible as Wernick and Reese are also fans of the rapid-fire dialog. And it's exactly what we would have hoped for Deadpool.

In its best moments, Deadpool is like reading Van Wilder meets Kill Bill, a genius mix of insane dark comedy and ridiculous over the top violence the likes of which we've never seen in any other superhero movie before.

And the praise doesn't stop coming. The review marvels at the script's ability to bring two superhero movie genres together: Deadpool supposedly combines the bleak horror of Dark Knight with the spectacular highs of Iron Man. Plus the entire thing was made for Ryan Reynolds — no one else can do this character, and if it ever gets made, Reynolds will hit a new level of pop icon-hood.

But what about Wolverine, and the mess that film made of Wade's origin? While they don't say exactly what happens, it sounds as though Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to let the audience know that he thinks it sucked too. So let's all pretend it never happened.

Other important facts: it's not a traditional origins story where the audience starts at the beginning. This film will start with Deadpool at the peak of his career, with flashbacks here and there. Which would mean plenty of Ryan Reynolds face time, pre-horrific scarring.

Read the rest of Cinemablend's review, which doesn't seem to have a single complaint, to find out more about the Deadpool origin movie, and how it's going to be different.


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Oh noes. The worst part of Zombieland was the script. The idea that:

1. A nerd who stays inside playing video games and eating pizza and drinking Mt. Dew in a castle of a dorm room alone would be a perfect physical specimen of cardiovascular health.

2. Two girls who are streetwise enough to survive the Zombocalypse are dumb enough to believe in some half baked "Midnight Cowboy"-esque dream of having fun, at an Amusement Park, in the middle of the night, by turning everything on.

3. Emma Stone actually says at one point, regarding B.M. "That man has a direct line to my funny bone." Hot teenage girls don't talk like that. 89 year old, old fogity women don't talk like that. NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT.

4. Woody Harrelson lives.