Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: $1,000 Cash Back on Panasonic PT-AE1000U Projector

How does $1,000 off a new Panasonic 1080p projector sound? Pretty good? Maybe Panasonic is feeling generous. Or maybe Panasonic is just feeling the hot breath of Epson on its neck.

See, though the PT-AE1000U lists for $5,999, its street price is $3,999. Knock off $1,000 in the form of a rebate, and you get $2,999, which is totally by coincidence the same price as Epson's new PowerLite Home Cinema 1080. As in "First 1080p Resolution Front Projector To Break $3,000 Price Mark".


If you're stoked about the Panny, you'll be happy to know that the rebate also includes a 3-year extended warranty (a $1,200 value). If you are not ready to make up your mind, our very own Charlie White will be posting a review of the Epson PowerLite 1080 next week. Just remember to make up your mind before April 30, when Panasonic's offer falls off the table.

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