Dealzmodo: $129 Off-Brand PC

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Today Outpost is featuring a hell of a deal on a PC. This is the GQ 3151 Desktop PC. It is a very low-end PC, but could be that perfect machine for a some other computer projects. It is powered by an AMD Geode NX1750 processor, 128MB DDR memory, 40GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, integrated graphics, audio, Ethernet and even a modem (!!). It includes plenty of expansion room for other peripheral upgrades. Oh, and the kicker; this machine comes preloaded with Linspire 5.0!

Out of the box it may not be the best computer for the average Gizmodo reader, but it could make a good cheap gift for grandma or be the foundation for a project like a media center or even a car pc. Thanks, Michael


Product Page [Outpost]

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