Dealzmodo: $200 Midway Tabletop Arcade

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We know that you can get your fill of Midway classics easily enough through emulation, but this officially licensed tabletop cabinet is pretty tempting all the same. For $200 (and $5 shipping) you get a 14" CRT, a duo of 6-button joysticks and 12 games like Rampage, Joust and Root Beer Tapper. Plus, there are some A/V-in ports for those of you looking to bring your HD Xbox 360 experience to the small screen. [woot via dealnews]


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I saw these when they had them at Target, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the build quality, especially with the $500 pricetag the things had initially. Basically, you've got an overgrown one of those joystick games that seem to be all the rage these days.