I'm a big fan of Amazon's themed Gold Box days (I find them kind of fun, seriously), and today that theme is the Nintendo Wii all day long. They've started early, offering Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for $20 this morning, but keep a lookout as Amazon usually slips at least a bit of hardware into the mix. [Amazon via Kotaku] UPDATE: Hit jump for all the deals. Looks like games only:

6AM PDT Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Wii) - $19.97 (Reg $39.99) 10AM PDT No More Heroes (Wii) - $19.98 (Reg $27.99) 11AM PDT Mercury Meltdown: Revolution (Wii) - $9.98 (Reg $16.99) 12PM PDT My Word Coach (Wii) - $9.98 (Reg $14.99) 1 PDT Ferrari Challenge (Wii) - $29.98 (Reg $46.99) 3PM PDT Fishing Master (Wii) - $19.98 (Reg $29.99) 6PM PDT Little League World Series Baseball '08 (Wii) - $29.98 (Reg $49.99)


[Thanks littledan!]

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