Dealzmodo: Buy One UMD, Get the Second Free

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There is an alternate universe where I just rented a Betamax (Casino Royale, of course) from Hollywood Video. On my way home, I pop in a MiniDisc (probably to listen to this year's very successful, non-creepy Michael Jackson album which is, like, sooo good). But when I finally arrive at my place, I realize that I'd, of course, already bought Casino Royale on UMD. Hell, I could probably even dig up a copy recorded from TV on my 8mm Video Walkman, too. How silly! Anyway, for those living in this reality, Amazon has a 2-for-1 UMD sale going on. When all is said and done, UMDs are going for about $6 a pop. [Amazon via PSPFanboy]


The Turtle

UMD was dead when it left the gate. When they'd just come out, I was at FYE or Sam Goody or something... New hit DVD, $20. Play it on anything that uses spinning plastic, or rip it and play it on anything else, including your PSP. Right next to it? Same hit movie on UMD, $40.

Play it on... your PSP.