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We were among the 10 people to actually see this videogame-to-movie adaptation in the theaters, but now you can watch it for free in your own home thanks to a mis-price by iTunes. Just follow the instructions after the jump and you'll be able to download all 1.09 GB of bald gunplay for yourself, all for the price of a pat on the back. Even if you don't enjoy it, there is some boobage a couple times in the movie, which makes this deal groundbreaking—because where else can you see boobs on the internet?

Well, thanks to our readers found the tip to get this movie completely free. In iTunes, click iTunes store, look for the "Browse" on Quick Links in the right hand side. Than, select "Movies" and then "Thriller". Look for the title "Hitman". You will see it is free (as pictured above) for the whole version at 1.06GB. I can download it and watch it successfully. Not sure whether it is something new or a bug of iTunes.


[WinAndMac via Macenstein]


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